What's new with V5.3.17, released January 27, 2020

What's new with V5.3.10, released December 20, 2019

  • - Added: setProxy socks proxy password support (Firefox only)
  • - Fixed: Bookmark issue
  • - Fixed: Close browser issue
  • - Changed: storeText / storeValue / storeChecked / storeAttribute changed behavior: Now, if the locator can not be found, no error is triggered but a warning is logged and !statusOK is set to "false". In addition, the variable gets filled with "#LNF" which stands for "Locator not found". This way the variable is defined even if no data is on the page (forum discussion here).
  • - Fixed and added: Several smaller issues

What's new with V5.3.7, released December 6, 2019

This update adds the ability to control the proxy settings with the setProxy command, and several other changes and improvements. Last but not least we changed the name from "Kantu" to UI.Vision RPA to better describe what the tool does. It is an open-source RPA software for robotic process automation, test automation and screen scraping.

  • - Added: setProxy command
  • - Added: In the command table view you can now Drag and Drop, Copy & Paste and have indention for if/else (etc)
  • - Added: Play folder in loop function. To do so, just righ click on a folder and select the new option in the context menu.
  • - Added: Hard-drive mode: Log files (as shown in the log tab) are written to hard-drive. It is one file per UI.Vision start. The format is "log-day-time.txt". You can also set the path via the -savelog command line switch.
  • - Added: During web recording, use the browser context menu to add Assert and Verify commands to your test case macro.
  • - Changed: The old "Test Suites" tab is hidden by default for fresh installs. (If needed you can enable it in Settings > Selenium tab).
  • - Changed: We renamed Kantu lt for fresh installs. (If needed you can enable it in Settings > Selenium tab).
  • - Improved: storeText / storeValue / storeChecked / storeAttribute changed behavior: Now, if the locator can not be found, no error is triggered. Instead the variable gets filled with "#LNF" which stands for "Locator not found". This way the variable is defined even if no data is on the page (forum discussion here).

What's new with V5.2.3, released September 18, 2019

This release adds the XRun and XRunAndWait commands to start external scripts from within a UI.Vision macro. The applications for this are endless. We are curious to see what you do with it :-)

Do you need an older UI.Vision version?

If you need an older UI.Vison version, you can get it from the UI.Vison Extension Archive. We beta test each production release, but with the amazing variety of use cases for UI.Vision RPA there is always a chance that a rare regression bug escaped our QA tests. For this reason we keep an archive of older UI.Vision RPA versions so that you can temporarily downgrade and are up and running again quickly. But please don't forget to report the downgrade reason to us so that we can fix whatever the issue is.

What's new with V5.1.9, released August 6, 2019

This release adds new Selenium IDE compatible commands and the option to directly import Selenium IDE .side project files.

What's new with V5.0.8, released July 2, 2019

What's new with V5.0.1, released June 2, 2019

This release adds folder support, a new test suite concept, executeScript and many smaller improvements and bug fixes. And last but not least, UI.Vision RPA gets a new icon.

his release adds folder support

New test suites
Every folder is now also a test suite. Just drag and drop macros in a folder to build a test suite.

Old-style test suites
Old-style testsuites are still available for backward compatibility.

What's new with V4.2.6, released April 25, 2019

This release fixes two regression issues from last week's update.

Are auto-updates breaking your automation? We have a forum post on how to stop automatic extension updates.

What's new with V4.2.5, released April 18, 2019

This release updates the internal macro storage to a new, better format. Once the new version is installed, it reads all macros and test suites from the old format and stores it in the new Chrome File System API. This conversion should be completely transparent to you. This change allows us to add useful new features with the next updates, for example folder support. If you notice any problem with this update (such as missing macros), please report the issue to us.

  • - Changed: Internal macro storage uses the new Chrome File System API now.

What's new with V4.1.12, released April 9, 2019

This release fixes two regression bugs from the last update that escaped our QA. Sorry about that, and thanks for reporting them!

What's new with V4.1.6, released April 2, 2019

The main new feature of this update is the Run command. You can now call one macro from inside another!

Backup your <em>UI.Vision RPA</em> macros
March 31st was World Backup Day: Please remember to backup your UI.Vision RPA macros periodically.

What's new with V4.0.1, released February 25, 2019

This update brings cross-platform desktop automation. So in addition to automating tasks and tests inside the web browser, UI.Vision RPA can now automate tasks on the desktop as well. This means, for example, that you can automate other extensions from within Kantu. Desktop automation works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Required: Please install the latest XModule version V2019-1. It includes the new desktop automation XModule.

New: Are auto-updates breaking your automation? You can now stop automatic extension updates by installing UI.Vision RPA from a signed XPI file. The latest version is always available in the UI.Vision RPA archive.

What's new with V3.8.8, released January 30, 2019

- Fixed: Performance issue with UI.Vision RPA for Chrome V3.8.7 (No issue with UI.Vision RPA for Firefox).

What's new with V3.8.7, released January 28, 2019

With this release UI.Vision RPA learned to read. To see text recognition in action, play the new DemoPDFTest_with_OCR or the updated DemoCanvas macros that ship with Kantu.

The update also improves the ability to embed macros in websites further. It is a great way to distribute macros to users.

  • - Added: OCRSearch - search for text visually
  • - Added: OCRExtract - read text on images and PDF
  • - Added: XClick | ocr=... - search visually for text to click on
  • - Added: OCR tab to control Kantu's text recognition features
  • - Added: New internal variables: !ocrX/!ocrY and !os (possible values: linux, mac and windows) and !browser (possible values: firefox, chrome)
  • - Improved: Download bar gets auto-closed when xclick is used.
  • - Improved: SVG elements recording and replay
  • - Fixed: Prompt issue as reported in the forum.

OCR tab
Enable and test the text recognition on the OCR tab.

What's new with V3.7.2, released January 9, 2019

This release improves on all computer vision commands and adds the often requested prompt command.

  • - Added: Prompt | text here@default value | variable
  • - Added: Position parameter for XClick and XMove. You can now select the x-th match of an image above the threshold by using Xclick | image.png@0.85#x
  • - Added: Relative click support for XClick and XMove. You can now click next to a found image. This is especially useful if the place to click is small, not unique or changes.
  • - Added: Image editor for adding green and pink boxes to an image search input screenshot. This is used for the relative click feature.
  • - Improved: After browser tab closes itself UI.Vision RPA automatically, the macro continues to replay in the now active browser tab. This avoids the " [error] Error #101: UI.Vision RPA is not connected to a browser tab" in this case. Other instances of this error might still happen. If so, please report them in the forum.
  • - Improved: Compressed UI.Vision RPA code size by 30% for better performance.

PROMPT command
The new UI.Vision RPA PROMPT command: prompt | text@default value | variable.

What's new with V3.6.6, released December 20, 2018

This release brings the often requested Tab=Close command and an XModule update with support for the Windows Key, Command Key (Mac) and the ESC key. Plus many smaller fixes and improvements.

The latest XModules installer version is V1.0.12. It contains Real User Simulation V1.0.12 and Direct File Access V1.0.6.

We wish all UI.Vision RPA users Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

What's new with V3.5.5, released December 3, 2018

This release adds fixes and improvements to V3.5.0.

  • - Added: UI.Vision RPA bookmarklets: Now you can change the "close UI.Vision RPA when macro is done" behavior to "keep UI.Vision RPA open when macro is done". To do so, edit the bookmark and change the flag closeKantu: true to closeKantu: false in the bookmarklet's Javascript code. Regardless of this flag, the UI.Vision RPA window stays open if you manually press STOP during the macro run or if the macro stops with an error.
  • - Fixed: __kantu__ issue
  • - Fixed: Bookmark issue

What's new with V3.5.0, released November 26, 2018

This release adds powerful new command line options, the new ability to run embedded JSON macros and several smaller improvements.

Need an older UI.Vision RPA version? => Get it from the UI.Vision RPA Extension Archive. We beta test each production release, but with the amazing variety of use cases for UI.Vision RPA there is always a chance that a rare regression bug escaped our QA tests. For this reason we keep an archive of older UI.Vision RPA versions so that you can temporarily downgrade and are quickly up and running again. But please don't forget to report the issue to us so that we can fix it.

What's new with V3.3.3, released October 28, 2018

This release adds support for the UI.Vision RPA XModule extension system. It allows us to add useful new features to UI.Vision RPA with native XModules apps. The first XModules are the FileAccess XModule and the RealUser Simulation XModule (native OS click / drag / type events). Both modules are included in the XModules installer:

Download: UI.Vision RPA XModules Installer (This installer adds the XModules, it does not contain UI.Vision RPA itself)

Since the XModules are native apps, there is a separate installer for Windows, Mac and Linux. The modules work with both, UI.Vision RPA for Firefox and Chrome. So if you use UI.Vision RPA with both browsers, you need to install the XModules only once.

The screencasts below shows how to install and use the XModules on Windows, Linux and Mac:

Installation on Windows

Installation on Linux and Mac

Click vs XClick explained

What's new with V3.1.8, released August 29, 2018

  • - Fixed: "Slow when minimized" error - as reported in the forum
  • - Fixed: waitForVisible did not wait (another report from a user)

What's new with V3.1.6, released August 26, 2018

What's new with V3.1.0, released June 30, 2018

  • - Added: More visual UI testing commands: visualAssert, visualVerify and visualSearch.
  • - Added: Resize command to resize the browser window to emulate various screen resolutions.
  • - Added: ClickAt supports elementFromPoint now, which is great for automating and testing canvas elements.
  • - Changed: The visionFind command is now visualSearch (and the variable for the number of matches is no longer optional. If you just want to do an image search, you can use visualVerify now.)

Video tutorial: Automated Visual UI testing of the embedded Google Maps canvas.

What's new with V3.0.3, released June 11, 2018

  • - Added: Linux support for Visual testing with visionFind
  • - Improved: Performance and memory usage

What's new with V3.0.2, released June 2, 2018

Important: This version contains a potentially breaking change - we introduced stricter name checks for variables and file names. The new range is now A - Z, 0-9 and the underscore symbol "_". This might sound familiar - it is the same name range as used in many scripting languages, for example PHP. Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing, but this change will help to keep UI.Vision RPA macros stable and secure in the long term.

  • - New: Visual testing with visionFind - the command allows you to write automated visual tests with UI.Vision RPA - this makes UI.Vision RPA the first and only Chrome and Firefox extension with "๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ eyes".
  • Visual testing and visual assert with the new visionFind command
  • - New: visionLimitSearchArea - helper command for visionFind
  • - New: LocalStorageExport - saves images and CSV file to your hard drive
  • - New: editContent - set text in rich edit controls.
  • - New: storeImage - take screenshots of page elements
  • - New: Jump to Source Code - new command in table editor
  • - Improved: Many smaller changes and tweaks

Do you want to get the next UI.Vision RPA version before others? => Sign-up to our beta list:

Join our <em>UI.Vision RPA</em> Beta Tester List!

What's new with V2.8.8, released May 11, 2018

  • - New: The UI.Vision RPA User Forum is live. Our Community Forum is monitored by our tech support. Every user benefits from the questions and answers provided in the forum, that is why we would ask you to post the question first if a public forum is appropriate for your question.
  • - Fixed: A few smaller tweaks

NEW: UI.Vision RPA for Firefox!

The new Firefox Quantum is a great web browser, and we are happy to report that UI.Vision RPA for Firefox is available. You can install the UI.Vision RPA macro recorder for Firefox directly from the Firefox Add-ons website:


The Firefox version has all features of the Chrome version and of course you can reuse all your Chrome macros in the Firefox version.

What's new with V2.8.5, released April 30, 2018

  • - Fixed: TYPE command regression bug (introduced by our new support for "blur" events)

Need an older UI.Vision RPA version? => New: Get it from the UI.Vision RPA Extension Archive. We beta test each production release, but with the amazing variety of use cases for UI.Vision RPA there is always a chance that a rare regression bug escaped our QA tests. For this reason we keep an archive of older UI.Vision RPA versions so that you can temporarily downgrade and are quickly up and running again. But please don't forget to report the issue to us so that we can fix it.

What's new with V2.8.2, released April 29, 2018

This release adds five new commands. The new sourceExtract and sourceSearch commands allow you inspect and scrape from page HTML source code.

  • - Added: sourceSearch searches for strings in the page source code and returns the number of matches (or 0 if no match is found). Full support for regular expressions, including groups.
  • - Added: sourceExtract extract strings from the page source code. Full support for regular expressions, including groups. Returns #nomatchfound if no match is found.
  • - Added: onError | #Restart - restarts the macro if an error occurred. Useful for stress testing and endless loops.
  • - Added: onError | #goto | label - jumps to "label" if an error happened.
  • - Changed: UI.Vision RPA brings the Chrome Window now in the foreground. If you don't like this: We will have a switch to control this behavior soon. We made "Bring to foreground" the default as it works well with bookmarks.
  • - Added: WaitForVisible
  • - Added: echo | text | #shownotification triggers a notification dialog ;-)
  • - Fixed: Smaller bugs and tweaks

What's new with V2.7.3, released April 23, 2018

  • - Improved: Sendkey command
  • - Fixed: A bug introduced with 2.70 that prevented recording in some situations
  • - KNOWN ISSUE: This update breaks existing bookmarks . This will be fixed with a new update in a few days. Meanwhile, if needed, you can request an older version from us.

What's new with V2.7.1, released April 10, 2018

A key feature of this update is the enhanced command line support, which includes global variables, status log and the ability to start test suites from the command line and bookmarks. And the new "Variable tab" and breakpoints speed up macro creation.

  • - Added: Command line and bookmark support for running test suites. On the test suite right-click menu you find now "Add to bookmarks" and "Create HTML autorun page". Unlike with the macro autorun page, the test suite data itself is not embedded in the html page. Instead, it contains the name of the test suite.
  • - Added: Command line โ€œ&close=1โ€ parameter to close Chrome after the macro or test suite is run.
  • - Added: Command line &savelog=logname.txt parameter to save the log file. The calling script (e. g. Python or Powershell) can check for the existence of this file to make sure the macro run completed) and then parse the log file to retrieve the status. The first line of the log file is the status (error or success, and the error message, if any). Example batch file line:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" "file:///D:/mytestcases/DemoAutofill1.html?direct=1&close=1&savelog=log1.txt"
  • - Added: Support for Global Variables that can be shared between macros
  • - Added: Option to record clickat commands
  • - Added: Search box for macros - very useful if you have many test cases.
  • - Added: Breakpoints (right-click on a line to set or remove a breakpoint)
  • - Added: Variable tab to show the values of user-created and internal variables
  • Variable tab to show the values of user-created and internal variables
  • - Added: internal variable !csvReadMaxRow contains the number of lines in a CSV file.
  • - Added: internal variable !StatusOK => similar to !LastCommandOK but it does not get reset by a โ€œgoodโ€ command. If set to error, it remains like this. But you can use store | true | !StatusOK to manually reset it.
  • - Added: "No log" option for the "Logs" tab (saves macro runtime)
  • - Added: In the replay settings you can now decide what to do if an error happens during a loop: [x] Continue next loop (default) or [ ] Stop (= like in older versions)
  • - Changed: Ignored errors are displayed in orange and have an [ignored] flag.

Change list for previous UI.Vision RPA releases:

What's new with V2.6.0, released February 28, 2018

This is a maintenance release.

  • - Updated: Demo macros
  • - Improved: Performance
  • - Fixed: Replay speed setting ignored

What's new with V2.5.5, released February 26, 2018

  • - Added: OnDownload command allows you rename downloads and to wait for the download to complete before continuing with the next command.
  • - Added: ThrowError command signals the occurrence of an exception during macro execution. This is the same concept as " Throw" in other programming languages such as C#.
  • - Improved: Finer permissions for command line: Running macros from bookmarks and from local websites is now enabled by default while running embedded macros from regular websites continues to be disabled by default.
  • - Improved: Performance! The UI.Vision RPA UI is now much more responsive, especially when dealing with large macros. We also limited the number of lines in the log file to 500.
  • - Renamed: "Test Cases" are now called (web) "macros".
  • - Fixed: Several bug fixes and smaller improvements (thanks for the feedback!)

What's new with V2.5.0, released February 8, 2018

  • - Run from bookmark (Beta) - Use bookmarks as shortcuts to your favorite macros:
  • Add web macro shortcut to bookmarks bar
  • - Run from command line (Beta) - Export the macro as html and then load the page in the browser. The macro autostarts and runs. This requires that the "Run from command line" feature is enabled. You find it in (gear icon) > Replay/Record tab:
  • Run Selenium IDE from the command line
  • - More productivity with colors: Echo supports now the 16 named colors, and in the log file you have the new option to only show ECHO output.
  • - Option to encyrpt passwords (Beta)
  • - storeCheck command added
  • - IPC timeout issue fixed. Timeouts are now controlled by !timeout_macro

What's new with V2.3.0, released January 25, 2018

What's new with V2.2.1, released December 20, 2017

  • - Test Suites support arrived - see the new Test Suites tab:
  • <em>UI.Vision RPA</em> for Chrome Selenium IDE Test Suites Tab
  • - Fixed a base URL issue when importing/exporting test cases to/from the Classic Firefox Selenium IDE. The Export as HTML and Import from HTML menu items are designed to move test cases to and from the classic Firefox Selenium IDE. It this does not work in a specific case, please report it as a bug.
  • - Several bug fixes (thanks for the feedback!)

What's new with V2.0.2, released November 24, 2017

  • - Flow control: Conditional branching with gotoIf, gotoLabel jumps and while/endWhile looping
  • - Data-driven testing: Read data from CSV files with csvRead, and the ${!COL1}, ${!COL2},... internal variables to access the data.
  • - Initial data extraction and web scraping support with csvSave: Store data in a CSV file
  • - CSV tab for importing, exporting, viewing and deleting CSV files
  • - deleteAllCookies - does what the name suggests :)
  • - Refresh - reload the current page
  • - assertElementPresent and its verify... sibling
  • - Source code editor now with line numbers and syntax highlighting
  • - New internal variable: !MACRONAME - name of current macro
  • - Performance testing: Macro runtime is measured and available in !RUNTIME internal var at any point of the macro run.
  • - selectWindows TAB=CLOSEALLOTHER - closes all open tabs except the current one. Along with deleteAllCookies a useful command to โ€œclean upโ€ at the start of a test.
  • - The (+) button no longer just adds an empty new line, but duplicates the existing line.

What's new with V0.9.1, released October 19, 2017

  • - storeAttribute command added, useful for data extraction
  • - Macro replay starts now always in active tab (before it used the tab where last macro had been run, which could be confusing)
  • - Selenium Editor UI tweaks

What's new with V0.9.0, released October 16, 2017:

  • - Many new Selenium IDE commands available (<= Click this link for the complete list)
  • - New commands include often requested assert and verify statements, tab handling with selectWindow, Javascript execution with storeEval and many more.
  • - Selenium Editor now resizable, plus easy access to JSON source code
  • - Export All - save all macros at once as ZIP file, great for regular backups of your test cases
  • - captureScreenshot and a new tab to display and manage screenshots
  • - link@POS: Easily manage and loop over links with the same name
  • - Autocomplete in Selenium IDE command dropdown
  • - Base URL input box removed (Open command displays full URL now)

Need a specific feature added?, is your favorite Selenium IDE command still missing?, or is your most annoying bug still not fixed? => Let us know! We can only add features and fix bugs that are reported to us.

More Information

Record and replay web macros with this free and open-source Chrome extension for web browser automation. The extension is an easy to use web macro recorder for web developers, web testers and especially for general web automation and form filling.

More Example Macros (Test cases)

The UI.Vision RPA Selenium IDE github page contains the /test folder with plenty of test macros. You can download and import all macros/selenium IDE scripts at once. For this, use the "Gear icon => Import HTML" or "Gear icon => Import JSON" feature and then select all the macros/scripts that you want to import. We call the test cases often macros - this is the same. One term is from the web testing world, the other term is from the automation and scripting world.

Import many macros at once! - and do not forget to BACKUP (export all) your macros once in while

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