What's new with V9.2.3 released June 12, 2024

  • - New: OCRExtract has been renamed to OCRExtractScreenshot and works on images in the "Screenshots" folder now. => You can (finally) run OCR on downloaded images.
  • - Improved: Wildcard support(* and ?) for XClickText and all other TEXT-recognition based commands: Improve text search with wildcards * and ?
  • - Fixed: XClickTextRelative: ${!ocrx},${!ocry} were filled with the wrong values. Now they point correctly to the place where the mouse is.
  • - Fixed: Javascript objects: calling ${object.property} returns undefined
  • - Fixed: setProxy works in Firefox now, too.
  • - Fixed: Several smaller issues

What's new with V9.2.0 released May 27, 2024

  • - New: Integrated Javascript OCR. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Everything is processed locally on your machine.
  • - New: Wildcard support(* and ?) for XClickText and all other TEXT-recognition based commands: Improve text search with wildcards * and ?
  • - Changed: Cloud OCR needs its own api key now. Get it for free here: Get Free OCR API.
  • - New: Support for OCR.Space PRO/PRO PDF endpoints. If you have a commercial OCR API PRO or PRO PDF api key, you can use this api key. With a PRO api key, Ui.Vision uses the fast OCR.Space PRO endpoints.

The new version brings a second local OCR option.

Local OCR with the Javascript OCR engine. See also How to use XClickText and XClickTextRelative?

What's new with V9.1.9 released May 6, 2024

What's new with V9.1.8 released April 29, 2024

This update is exclusively to release a brand-new Ui.Vision for Firefox version.

Ui.Vision RPA for Firefox is back!
The new version brings all Manifest V3 features of Chrome and Edge to Firefox.

What's new with V9.1.6 released April 16, 2024

What's new with V9.1.5 released April 11, 2024

What's new with V9.1.3 released March 21, 2024

What's new with V9.1.0 released March 12, 2024

Updated to the latest version of Node.js internally. This update will facilitate future enhancements. It is intended to be a non-disruptive change. However, should you experience any problems, please report them on our RPA user forum.

What's new with V9.0.6 released February 19, 2024

How to make the Side Panel the default user interface

If you mostly replay (already existing) macros, we recommend that you make the side panel the default Ui.Vision user interface. To do so, check the "Sidepanel - make default" checkbox in the setting:

Make side panel default
If set as default, the side panel opens directly when you click the Ui.Vision browser toolbar icon. A second click on the toolbar icon hides the side panel again.

What's new with V9.0.1 released January 29, 2024

  • - Added: Side Panel support. Macros can now run in the side panel or in the IDE.

RPA side panel in action
Ui.Vision can run in the Chrome/Edge side panel (Firefox support is on our to-do list).

What's new with V8.3.9 released August 9, 2023

  • - Improved: OCRExtractByTextRelative
  • - Improved: DemoXClickTextRelative macro
  • - Improved: OCR settings tab (clarified some settings)

What's new with V8.3.8 released August 2, 2023

  • - Added: Visual commands (e. g. XClick) have now a "Jump to image" option in the right-click menu
  • - Improved: setProxy - now with password support
  • - Improved: OCRExtractByTextRelative
  • - Improved: XClickTextRelative
  • - Improved: OCRExtractByTextRelative
  • - Fixed: Ui.Vision was not saving the recorded Selenium locator list in local storage mode
  • - Fixed: ${!LAST_DOWNLOADED_FILE_NAME} (since V6.2.6 it was always empty)
  • - Fixed: continueInLastUsedTab=1 failed (macro was opening a new tab)

New: Proxy switching with a password-protected proxy

Edit images faster
New: Visual commands (e. g. XClick) have now a "Jump to image" option in the right-click menu

What's new with V8.3.6 released May 13, 2023

What's new with V8.3.2 released March 25, 2023

  • - New command: SaveItem | Locator. SaveItem retrieves the element that is defined by the locator (typically a picture/image) from the browser cache.

What's new with V8.3.1 released March 17, 2023

The new XClickTextRELATIVE command explained.

What's new with V8.2.7 released January 27, 2023

Updates before 2023

For older updates please see the RPA changelog 2018-2022.

Need a specific feature added?

If you need a specific feature added or if your most annoying bug still not fixed, then please let us know in the RPA software forum. We can only add features and fix bugs that are reported to us :)

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