What's new with V5.8.8, released August 8, 2020

Download the new RPA XModule from here

New XModule 2020-8, released August 7, 2020

Download the new RPA XModule from here

  • - Added: XType support for KEY_SPACE, KEY_HOME, KEY_END.
  • - Added: TripleClick (requires next UI.Vision Core update, later this month)
  • - Added: Mousewheel support (requires next UI.Vision Core update, later is month)
  • - Improved: Mac files are signed and notarized now. This means they have passed the anti-malware check by Apple.
  • - Fixed: (Mac) Real-User Module now compatible with Chinese input methods
  • - Not yet added: Multi-monitor support for XClick. This is the next feature we plan to add.

What's new with V5.7.5, released June 2, 2020

Export RPA script
Export macros with everything: Macro, images, CSV and all subroutines (as used by RUN command) all stored inside a ZIP file.

Import RPA script
Import macros directly at the folder level. Images, CSV and subroutines are imported as well.

What's new with V5.5.7, released March 29, 2020

  • - Added: New command: forEach
  • - Added: New command: times
  • - Added: New command: csvReadArray
  • - Added: New command: csvSaveArray
  • - Added: New command: executeAsyncScript and executeAsyncScript_Sandbox
  • - Added: Embedded macros can have images via URL now e. g. XClick | button_dpi_96.png@0.8#2[https://a9t9.com/image.png]
  • - Added: Selenium IDE style array support e. g. ${a[0][5]}
  • - Added: Disable the hard-drive logs when "No log" is selected
  • - Added: New second OCR engine with store | 2 | !ocrEngine. OCR engine 2 is often better for number and special character OCR.
  • - Fixed: In the bookmark code, `closeKantu: 0` does not work
  • - Changed: To reduce the start-up time the macro list not loaded when the RPA software is started from the command line or the bookmark. This behavior can be controlled with loadmacrotree=1 or 0 (default is 0).
  • - Changed: closeKantu is now closeRPA (but closeKantu continues to work, no need to change any scripts)
  • - Changed: Default for continueInLastUsedTab is now 1
  • - Changed: Reduced table view line height - so you can view more commands at once
  • - Removed: Deprecated commands removed from the command drop down. But the commands itself continue to work just as beforee. And you can still edit and add these commands in the source code view tab.
  • - Fixed and added: Several smaller items as reported in the RPA forum

New OCR engine, especially suited for alphanumeric OCR
This updates adds a new screen scraping OCR engine which is especially suited for alphanumeric OCR.

New screencast: Automating file uploads

What's new with V5.3.17, released January 27, 2020

Do you need an older UI.Vision version?

If you need an older UI.Vison version, you can get it from the UI.Vison Extension Archive. We beta test each production release, but with the amazing variety of use cases for UI.Vision RPA there is always a chance that a rare regression bug escaped our QA tests. For this reason we keep an archive of older UI.Vision RPA versions so that you can temporarily downgrade and are up and running again quickly. But please don't forget to report the downgrade reason to us so that we can fix whatever the issue is.

Updates 2017 - 2019

For older updates please see the RPA changelog 2018-2019.

Need a specific feature added?

If you need a specific feature added or if your most annoying bug still not fixed, then please let us know in the RPA software forum. We can only add features and fix bugs that are reported to us.

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