Privacy Policy

UI Vision Browser Extensions for Chrome, Edge and Firefox

UI.Vision RPA runs locally: All data processing and storage is done locally on your PC, Mac or Linux machine.

The software will not send any data back to us. This can be easily verified since the UI.Vision RPA core is open-source.

The software will not transfer any information to other networked systems unless specifically requested by the user operating it.

For more technical details please see the Enterprise security description.

UI.Vision RPA software runs locally. Your data is never stored in a cloud.
No cloud: UI.Vision RPA software runs locally on your machine. Your data never leaves your machine.

Website Visitor tracking

We use Google Analytics and some other 3rd party tools on our website.

Changes to the privacy policy

The Privacy Policy may be changed occasionally and you are advised to check it from time to time.

Applicable Law

The a9t9 software company is headquartered in Europe (Germany). The strict European data protection laws (GDPR) apply.

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