Personal, Pro and Enterprise Edition

UI.Vision RPA XModules add native OS features to the open-source RPA core. The Free plan is enabled directly after the XModules installation.

The Personal, PRO and Enterprise licenses are a one time purchase – it is not a subscription-based service. You purchase and own the software. The license fee includes free upgrades and tech support for a year (called "Upgrade Assurance"). You can purchase additional years of free upgrades and tech support for 25% of the license fee at any time.

UI.Vision RPA XModules Free Plan Personal Edition PRO Edition Enterprise Edition
Pricing - US$89.00 US$199.00 US$499.00+ (*)
For whom 100% Free for personal
and commercial use
Individual users PRO users, Business users Business and Enterprise users
Read CSV files Yes Yes Yes Yes
Write CSV files Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direct file access - store macros and testsuites on your hard-drive Up to 10* Up to 20* Unlimited Unlimited
XClick (mouse events) Up to 25** Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
XType (keyboard shortcuts) Up to 25** Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
XMove (drag/drop) Up to 25** Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Text recognition (OCR requests) 100/day 250/day 500/day (add more) 2500/day (add more)
Use local OCR Server No No No Yes, optional
UI.Vision RPA Update Management No No No Yes
Support Forum Forum Forum, Email Forum, Priority Email, Live Chat, Phone
Get XModules: Download XModules Buy now Buy now Buy now

XModule Edition limits:
(*) The 10/20 files limit is for hard-drive storage. Of course, you can store an unlimited number of macros and test suites in the default HTML5 Local Storage inside the browser extension.
(**) Macros and test suites can contain up to 25 XClick/XType/XMove commands.

Add more OCR Conversions:
All PRO and Enterprise users can purchase additional OCR conversions as subscription for a low cost. OCR Plan T1 adds 1000 conversions per day (= 30000 conversions per month) and costs only US$30/month. This is only US$0.001 per conversion. More plans for adding 2000, 5000, 10000 and more daily conversions are available. To add conversions to your account, please contact our friendly sales team.

Discounts are available for students and universities. Free Enterprise licenses are available for Open-Source projects. Please contact us.

XModules Enterprise Edition with Update Management

The Enterprise Edition has all features of the PRO Edition, plus update management, 5 times more included OCR conversions, the option to use a local OCR engine, and priority support by email, phone and screen sharing.

Enterprise Edition Bundles and Volume Discount

We offer Enterprise license bundles as a convenient way to purchase licenses at a significant volume discount. Orders are processed for us by Fastspring as our reseller. We accept orders by credit card, wire transfer, check and purchase order (PO). Depending on your location other local payment options such as Alipay, Amazon or Sofort are available, too. If your preferred payment option is not available, please contact sales.

UI.Vision XModules Edition Number of Users Price and Online Store
Enterprise Edition for up to 5 users US$499.00 (Buy now)
Enterprise Player Unlimited users/machines macro replay US$699.00 (Buy now)
*Special Player Bundle*: Enterprise Edition
plus Enterprise Player
Enterprise 5 user license
+ Unlimited users/machines macro replay
US$999.00 (Buy now)
Enterprise Bundle 10 for up to 10 users US$999.00 (Buy now)
Enterprise Bundle 20 for up to 20 users US$1899.00 (Buy now)
Enterprise Bundle 50 for up to 50 users US$3999.00 (Buy now)

If you need more than 50 licenses, or have any other question, please contact our friendly sales team.

UI.Vision RPA Update Management

Normally browser extension updates can not be controlled or delayed. But we understand that if UI.Vision RPA is used to control critical web application tests or robotic process automation (RPA) tasks, an update at the wrong time can cause plenty of troubles. But with the UI.Vision RPA XModules Enterprise Edition and its separate update channels you are in full control if and when you update your UI.Vision RPA installations.

Local OCR Server

UI.Vision RPA runs 100% local and no data ever leaves your machine. You can check this easily because UI.Vision RPA is open-source. The one exception to this rule is the OCR feature. But we understand that some organizations can not allow the use of any cloud services at all. In this case we recommend our on-premise UI.Vision RPA OCR server installation. The UI.Vision RPA OCR Server is a special version of the Local On-Premise OCR Server. It runs 100% locally and requires no Internet connection. One UI.Vision RPA Offline OCR server can be used with all UI.Vision RPA installations in your company - so only one license is required. After the OCR server is installed, enter the URL of the server and its api key on the UI.Vision RPA OCR settings tab. The UI.Vision RPA OCR server is available as paid add-on for UI.Vision RPA XModule Enterprise Edition users.

Local OCR Server Number of Users Price and Online Store
Local OCR Server Addon (requires separate Enterprise License) US$1499.00 (Buy now)
*Special Local OCR Bundle*: Enterprise Edition
plus Enterprise Player plus Local OCR
Enterprise 5 user license
+ Unlimited users/machines macro replay
+ Local OCR
US$2199.00 (Buy now)

Priority Support

The RPA Enterprise Edition includes priority support. We guarantee a same-day response on weekdays.

In addition, feature requests from Enterprise users will be considered with high priority. So if you would like to see a certain feature added, please contact us. There is a good chance that we can add the missing feature(s) on short notice. We love to hear from our users. Many UI.Vision RPA features have started out as a suggestion from an user!

Unlimited Player license

Do you need to run your macros on many machines and/or servers? Or do you need to distribute the solutions you create to many users within (or even outside) your organization? Then you can purchase the UI.Vision RPA Enterprise Player license. It gives you an unlimited license to run your macros and testsuites on as many machines as you need - inside or outside your company or organization. This license can be purchased separately at any time, or you purchase it as part of the *Special Player Bundle* (see the price list above).

The UI.Vision RPA Enterprise Player has all features of Enterprise Edition, except the ability to create new macros. Technically speaking if UI.Vision RPA XModules are unlocked with the Player license key, the "Save" button is disabled. Everything else works 100% as in the regular Enterprise Edition. The number of included OCR conversions is 10,000 per day per Player license (additional conversions can be purchased any time).

Last but not least note that other RPA vendors often call such a Player license "attended bots", " unattended bots" or "Orchestrator license". We at UI Vision do not distinguish between attended or unattended bots, and we do not charge you per bot. The Enterprise Player license gives you an unlimited number of attended and unattended bots.

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