Hello! We are a9t9 software.

a9t9 software was founded in 2020 by two robotic process automation (RPA) industry veterans. Earlier, they both founded iOpus Software, which is best known for its iMacros browser macro recorder with more than 1,000,000 active daily users.

a9t9’s company goal is to convert the recent advances in computer vision into usable automation products. Our flag-ship products are the popular OCR.space OCR API and the UI.Vision RPA software.

The idea for visual RPA was born out of personal frustration with browser internals. While creating iMacros was fun and rewarding, dealing with the many browser internals and quirks from IE to Firefox to Chrome became increasingly cumbersome. Maybe web developers cannot escape this destiny, but why should users that just want to automate their daily work be dragged into it? UI.Vision RPA solves this problem by using screenshots, OCR and computer vision for robotic process automation.

The commercial editions of our software include free priority tech support. In addition, we offer premium enterprise services. This includes custom script and image recognition/computer vision development for UI.Vision RPA enterprise customers, custom OCR software solutions, on-site consulting and training. Just ask our tech support.

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Contact us: Please email team (at) ui.vision or use this contact form

Postal mail:
a9t9 software GmbH
Postfach 1343
Walldorf, 69184, Europe (Germany)

a9t9 software GmbH
Zollhofgarten 2
Heidelberg, 69115, Europe (Germany)
Phone: +49-6227-6989-787

Company website: https://a9t9.com (This URL redirects to https://ui.vision)

PS: Did you guess it? a9t9 is numeronym that stands for Automation Technology.

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