SeeShell Community Edition vs. PRO Edition

In a nutshell: The SeeShell Community Editions of SeeShell for Desktop automation and the SeeShell Browser for Web Automation are 100% free - even for commercial use. Get them now.

SeeShell Edition: Community PRO PRO Plus
Pricing 100% Free US$495 (Click to buy) US$1195 (Click to buy)
Visual Macros Yes (50 commands limit) Yes Yes
Scraping/OCR Yes Yes Yes
Command line Yes Yes Yes
Scripting API No Yes Yes
Distribute Player everywhere No No Yes
Support Forum Forum, Priority Email and Phone Forum, Priority Email and Phone
Macro and Script creation service No 3 Hours included 5 Hours included
Get SeeShell: Download SeeShell Download 30-day PRO Trial - The trial version is included in the Community Edition, PRO features are unlocked for the first 30 days.
Store Link - Buy now Buy now

If you need a quote or have any pre-sales questions, please contact us. In addition to the payment options you find in the online store, you can also pay via invoice and some other country-specific options, just contact our sales team. Also contact us for volume discounts if you need more than one developer license.

SeeShell Universal License: The SeeShell prices above include both, the license for SeeShell for Desktop Automation and for the SeeShell Browser for Web Automation.

SeeShell Community Edition: This is the standard version of SeeShell and it is free for private *and* commercial use. SeeShell is classic downloadable software, not a web service. The software does not expire and is not limited in any way. You can even ship the SeeShell Community Edition as part of an commercial automation solution for free.

SeeShell PRO Edition: SeeShell PRO has all the features of the SeeShell Community Edition plus the Scripting API and priority email and phone support. Its Scripting API allows you the control SeeShell from any programming or scripting language. This means, for example, the API can be used for if/then/else decisions. In addition to the software itself, the price always include one year of free updates and free priority tech support. Our tech support helps you with creating the image macros and scripts at no additional costs. SeeShell PRO's priority tech support includes 3 hours of custom script creation services to get you started. So you just tell us what you want to automate, and our SeeShell tech support creates the macros and scripts for you.

Other SeeShell Editions:

SeeShell PRO Plus Edition: The PRO Plus Edition contains all the features of the PRO Edition plus an unlimited SeeShell Player license (see below).

SeeShell Player (Part of SeeShell PRO Plus): If you plan to distribute your SeeShell PRO based solution (which means you are using the API to control SeeShell from your scripts or programs) we recommend the SeeShell PRO PLUS Edition which includes free unlimited player licenses for use inside your company. So you can install and replay your SeeShell test scripts on as many PCs and servers as needed (Contact us if you want to distribute the Player outside your company). Technically the SeeShell Player looks and works exactly as the regular full version, including the API. However, it does not contain the macro recording wizard and the editor, as both are not required to replay macros. Also, the SeeShell Player can be installed automatically and silently from the command line, for example from within your own installer.

SeeShell PRO Source Code License: The source code license includes the full C#/C++ source code as Visual Studio project. It also includes developer level tech support for all setup and build related questions. We understand that some of our Enterprise customers prefer to have the peace of mind of also owning the source code of their robotic process automation solution. If you are interested in this option, please contact sales.

Custom Macro and Script Creation Service

No time to develop automation scripts? A SeeShell PRO license includes 3 hours of custom script creation services (5 hours with PRO Plus), so we create the first macros to get you started. This includes creating C#, Powershell, Python or VBS scripts to control SeeShell via the API, if this is needed to complete the tasks. Often, using the API is very helpful for combining macros, if/then decisions, data export/import or detailed error handling and recovery. In any case - you just tell us what task you want to have automated, and our PRO tech support does it for you at no extra cost. And because SeeShell is so easy to use, we can get a lot done in three hours.

Ordering SeeShell PRO

In addition to the software license, our SeeShell prices include all minor and major upgrades and priority tech support for one year ("Upgrade Assurance").

Getting a SeeShell PRO license is a one-time payment - no subscription. You purchase and own the software. In addition, the price includes free upgrades and tech support for a year (called "Upgrade Assurance"). You can purchase additional years of free upgrades and tech support for 25% of the license price at any time. Example: For SeeShell PRO, a second year of Upgrade Assurance is only US$123 (25% of US$495).

21-days Money-Back Guarantee If you are unhappy with the software for any reason, you can request your money back.

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