Download SeeShell Automation

SeeShell for Desktop Automation:

Automate every app on the Windows Desktop with AI, OCR and Screenshots.

(100% free, 51 MB, V3.3.0.6, November 6, 2018, What's new)
SeeShell Browser
for Web Automation:

The SeeShell Browser is a Google Chromium based browser with built-in Visual Automation.

(100% free, 50MB, V3.3.0.6, November 6, 2018, What's new)

The SeeShell Community Editions are free for private and commercial use. The downloads include SeeShell Community Edition and plus a 30-day free trial of SeeShell PRO. Compare SeeShell Free with SeeShell PRO Edition.

All Editions: SeeShell runs on all modern Windows versions supported by Microsoft: Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7, Server 2016, Server 2012R2. The use of the software is governed by the SeeShell End-User License Agreement.

Some future SeeShell flavors that are currently at the planning stage:

Kantu - the Browser Extension for Web Automation

Kantu is the popular free and open-source Firefox and Chrome extension for Selenium-style web automation directly inside the Chrome browser, plus unique visual UI testing support.

Download => Download links are on the Kantu home page

Download => Kantu XModules downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux

SeeShell Web AutomationvsKantu Selenium IDE: For classic, DOM-based automation we sponsor the free, cross-platform and open-source Kantu Selenium IDE. The Kantu Selenium IDE Chrome extension is the most popular open-source web automation tool for Chrome. But due to technical limitations of Chrome extensions in general, Chrome extensions can not support the modern visual automation of the SeeShell tools. Thus for image-driven automation you need the SeeShell Browser. It is built upon the Chrome core, but is a stand-alone web automation browser. You are on the right page to download this tool - see the links at the top of this page.

OCR Software and Services

Copyfish 🐟 Free OCR Software - the popular free and open-source Chrome extension is available in the Chrome Store

Free OCR API is a hosted OCR service for developers.

Online OCR is a frontend of the OCR API and can be used by anyone to convert images and PDF documents to text for free.

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