What's new with V3.3.0.6, released November 6, 2018 - Download now

  • - Updated: [Browser] Chromium engine
  • - Fixed: Several smaller issues.

What's new with V3.3.0.3, released October 3, 2018 - Download now

This release adds tab management support, updates the Chromium browser to the latest version and fixes several smaller issues.

  • - Added: [Browser] New TAB command to open, switch and close tabs.
  • - Added: Option to record and view a sequence of screenshots - see what SeeShell saw during the replay. This can be very useful for debugging macro issues.
  • - Added: [Desktop] New icon to pin desktop UI to the front.
  • - Improved: setVariable variable names are now case-insensitive (typical Windows behavior)
  • - Fixed: Temporary JSON and image files are now correctly deleted (see related forum post)
  • - Fixed: Screenshot command variable parsing
  • - Fixed: [Desktop] ${COL1} CSV reading did not work in SeeShell Desktop Automation (see related forum post)
  • - Changed: When you stop a recording, the "Save macro" dialog appears now automatically. So no more Save button needed.
  • - Updated: Update to latest Google Chromium engine

Debug help: View the sequence of screenshots that SeeShell saw/used during macro replay
You can now view the sequence of screenshots that SeeShell saw/used during macro replay. If SeeShell had to wait for an image to appear, then what is stored is the last screenshot (the one used by SeeShell to make a decision).

What's new with V3.2.1.2, released September 13, 2018 - Download now

This hotfix solves a regression issue with the SeeShell Browser API. This is not the upcoming September update, which will be available later this month.

  • - Fixed: [API] Fixes the "browser refresh issue" when using the API Play command, as reported in the forum here and here.

What's new with V3.2.0.9, released August 13, 2018

Breaking change for SeeShell Browser - new file extension: As part of the move to a unified editor SeeShell and the SeeShell Browser both use the ".see" file extension now. If you still have old macros with the *.kmacro file extension, just rename it to *.see and the macros will work as before. No changes in the macro itself are required.

  • - Added: [Editor] Unified SeeShell Editor for desktop automation and web automation (SeeShell Browser). You can toggle between both modes with the switch at top right corner. Except a special commands like Open or Proxy that abviously only make sense in a browser, you can run the same image-driven automation scripts in desktop or inside Chromium by just toggling the switch.
  • - Added: [Editor] "Comment out/" feature in (Right-click => Comment out) to temporary disable commands
  • - Added: [Editor] "Delayed Screenshot" - especially useful to take screenshots of items that only show at mouse over events
  • - Improved: [Editor] Plenty of UI and UX improvements
  • - Updated: [SeeShell Browser] The built-in Chromium browser was updated. It corresponds now to Chrome V65.
  • - Fixed: [SeeShell Browser] File download issue fixed
  • - Removed: Rightclick and DoubleClick commands. They had been deprecated for a while. Click->RightClick and Click->DoubleClick replace them.
  • - Fixed: Several smaller issues and tweakss

Switch between Desktop and Inside Chromium Browser mode in the SeeShell Editor

What's new with V3.1.6, released July 16, 2018

  • - Added: HiDPI screen support

What's new with V3.0.0, released July 1, 2018

  • - Added: Visual Windows Desktop Automation (RPA) support - SeeShell comes in two flavors now: SeeShell for Desktop Automation and the SeeShell Browser for Web Automation (formerly KantuX)
  • - Added: Move and MoveRelative commands. Simulate mouse up, mouse down and mouse over.
  • - Click command now supports right-click, double-click
  • - Drag & Drop support
  • - Added: Editor uses the Scripting API to provide "Run, "Run from here", "Run this line" options and image search test button.
  • - Added: Editor has Json source view tab, and image view tab in addition to the visual macro building tab.

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