storeImage (target, file name) - new Selenium IDE command

The storeImage command is useful to store a screenshot of the page element. It is an easy method for web scraping images from HTML text and tables.Its advantage is that it works almost always. The disadvantage is that because we take a screenshot of the image as it is displayed in the browser, we might miss a high-resolution version of this image if there is one.

The difference between this command and saveItem is that SaveItem copies the original image from the cache while storeImage takes a screenshot of the element. So if you want to extract/scrape/download the >original image, better use saveItem. On the other hand, the advantage of storeImage is that it works with all kind of HTML elements, while SaveItem works only with real images.

If you need the extract text from the HTML source code directly use sourceExtract.

For more information about data extraction in general see Web Scraping with Selenium IDE.

To automatically take a screenshot of the complete website, see the captureEntirePageScreenshot command.

storeImage Example

Command Target Pattern/Text
storeImage //*[@id="content"]/div[2]/div/h2[1] ScreenshotOfTitle

Works in

UI.Vision RPA for Chrome Selenium IDE

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See also

captureScreenshot, storeText, Web Automation Extension User Manual, Selenium IDE commands, Classic Firefox Selenium IDE.

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