Search and extract page source code with Selenium IDE command

The sourceSearch and sourceExtract commands work with the page source code instead of looking at the web page object model (DOM) that all other "classic" Selenium IDE command use. Thus sourceSearch/sourceExtract can verify e. g. comments in the page source code and can check/extract Javascript code parts (like the Google Analytics ID) that are invisible to a command like storeText.

Both commands can be used in a plain text mode. Then "*" wildcard indicates the changing part.

For experts, both commands support standard Regular Expressions (often called regex or regexp).

In sourceExtract, if no match is found, the variable is set to "#nomatchfound" - and no error is triggered.

You find examples of both commands in DemoExtract (sourceExtract) and DemoStoreEval (sourceSearch). Both macros get installed with UI.Vision RPA.

sourceSearch supports the regex=/your pattern/i syntax. This can be used, for example, for case-insensitive text search.

Regex Capture Groups

The notation to extract regex capture groups is regex=…@MATCH,GROUP. See also: How do you use Regex capture groups and Quick guidance on regex please.

Regex Capture Groups
Regex capture groups explained. The screenshot is from the regex forum post.

sourceExtract Example

Some text here first. The following examples will operate on it.

  • Coffee $2.95
  • Tea $1.95
  • Milk $2.10

Another test string: width: 11, width: 22, width: 33

Command Target Result (stored in the variable)
sourceSearch $*</li> 3 (= 3 matches found)
sourceSearch regex=[\$\£\€](\d+(?:\.\d{1,2})?) 3 (= 3 matches found, same as before, but now with regular expressions)
sourceSearch Tea $*</li> 1 (= 1 match found)
sourceSearch Beer $*</li> 0 (no match found)
sourceExtract $*</li> $2.95</li> (the coffee, without @ the first match (@1) is assumed)
sourceExtract $*</li>@2 $1.95</li> (the tea)
sourceExtract $*</li>@5 #nomatchfound
sourceExtract regex=[\$\£\€](\d+(?:\.\d{1,2})?)@2 1.95 (the tea)
sourceExtract regex=width: (\d+)@2 width: 22
sourceExtract regex=width: (\d+)@2,1 22 (the 2,1 means the first capture group of the second match)

Works in

UI.Vision RPA for Chrome Selenium IDE

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See also

clickAndWait, Web Automation Extension User Manual, Selenium IDE commands, Classic Firefox Selenium IDE.

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