How to enter data into a website automatically

This tutorial explains how to do form filling with Selenium IDE commands. Form filling is about getting data into a website. This includes uploading documents and images.

Form filling with TYPE
Example: Form filling with the Selenium IDE TYPE command.

When to use what command?

The table belows shows the best from filling commands. Click the recommended command for more information and example code.

Area to fill... Command to use Comment
Enter text in input fields (input box, text area) type Type is one of the most often used commands.
Select an option in a drop down select
Change the status of a checkbox or radiobutton click
Upload a file XType* For more details see this selenium ide file upload forum post
Fill data in the clipboard for copy & paste store | data | !clipboard*

(*) These commands are only available in the UI.Vision RPA Selenium IDE. They are not part of the classic Selenium IDE.

Form-filling data from a CSV file

Where does the data to fill in come from? It can be hardcoded in the macro, calculated in the macro or read from a CSV file. Reading data from a CSV file is the by far best option of you have larger datasets, for example a list of customers that you need to enter into a CRM system.

For reading data from a CSV file use csvRead.

See also

Form-filling is the opposite of web scraping and screen scraping.

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