select (target, pattern), selectAndWait (target, pattern) - Selenium IDE command

The purpose of select and selectAndWait is to select a value from drop down/combo box or list box.

Option locators provide different ways of specifying a select element (e.g., label=, value=, id=, index=). If no option locator prefix is provided, a match on the label will be attempted. If you use label= you can also use asterisk * to match only parts of the string. For example instead of label=RPA software you can use label=*PA softwar*


If your page is reloading when you select label from drop down then you need to use "selectAndWait" command. It will select the specified label and then it will wait for page to load successfully.

selectAndWait Example

This short example below visits the online ocr form and selects Chinese as OCR language.

Command Target Pattern/Text
select id=ocrLanguage label=ChineseSimplified
click id=SearchableAndLayer

Works in

UI.Vision RPA for Chrome Selenium IDE, UI.Vision RPA for Firefox Selenium IDE, Firefox IDE Classic

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DemoImplicitWaiting uses select

The ready-to-import-and-run source code of all demo macros can be found in the Github repository testmacros folder.

See also

click, addSelection, removeSelection, Web Automation Extension User Manual, Selenium IDE commands, Classic Firefox Selenium IDE.

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