editContent (target, text in HTML format) - Selenium IDE command

The editContent command supports editing content-editable elements, e.g., rich text editors. After a user edits the content of a content-editable element while recording, a corresponding editContent command will be automatically generated, which is triggered by detecting the focus removal of the element. The idea for this command was invented by the Sideex team from Taiwan, and the Kantu IDE supports it now as well.

The editContent command is sending text to rich-text edit controls like TinyMCE, QuillJS or RichTextEditor. For regular input boxes the well-known type command is used for form-filling

editContent Example

Note that editContent supports HTML tags, in this example h1 is used.

Command Target Pattern/Text
open https://quilljs.com/
editContent //*[@id="snow-container"]/div[2]/div[1] <h1><em>UI.Vision RPA</em> Test Automation</h1>

Works in

UI.Vision RPA for Chrome Selenium IDE, UI.Vision RPA for Firefox Selenium IDE, Firefox IDE Classic

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