Need an older UI.Vision RPA version? Then you are at the right place.

Important: Why are you downgrading? => If you are downgrading due to a problem with a new UI.Vision RPA software version (technically called a regression bug) please report the problem to us - we can only fix issues that are reported to us.

We test each release before publication, but with the amazing variety of UI.Vision RPA use cases, there is always the chance that a regression bug escaped our QA tests.

How to install the browser extensions from this page?

Firefox - Very easy: Download the signed XPI extension file and drag & drop it onto your Firefox window. Then the normal extension installation dialog appears, and you can simply click "Add". Note that if UI.Vision RPA is installed this way, it does not auto-update itself. See also How to disable extension auto-updates.

Chrome - "It's complicated": Please read How to install a Chrome extension from a ZIP file. This is the only external installation option supported by Chrome. If you want to use the XModules with your manually installed RPA extension, you need to edit some XModule installation files. In other words, if you need a manual installation, it is much easier to use the UI.Vision RPA extension for Firefox.

UI.Vision Extension Archive

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