Thank you for installing UI.Vision RPA - the open-source task and test automation tool for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Let's get started:

A quick 12 minutes UI.Vision RPA tutorial

Video content: Jump to Web Browser Automation | Windows Automation | Mac Automation | Linux Automation | Command Line API.

For more tutorials we recommend Steven's UI Vision tutorials (he is not affiliated with UI Vision). And of course the RPA forum itself is a good resource to learn automation and ask questions.

Visual Browser Automation

Did you know that UI.Vision RPA has "👁👁 eyes"? The video tutorial explains how to use them for visual UI test automation.

Desktop Automation for Windows, Mac and Linux

UI.Vision RPA can not only automate the web browser. It can use image and text recognition to automate your desktop as well.

Use the API to integrate UI.Vision RPA Automation with other tools and scripts

A popular UI.Vision RPA features is its extensive command line API. It allows you to integrate UI.Vision RPA with any application (e. g. Jenkins, CI/CD tools,...) and any programming or scripting language (e. g. Python or Powershell). The API includes detailed error reporting for reliable non-stop operation.

Command line API Code Tab

More UI.Vision RPA resources

Need a specific feature added, is your favorite Selenium IDE command still missing, or is your most annoying bug still not fixed?
=> Let us know! We can only add features and fix bugs that are reported to us.


100% Privacy: Everything is stored locally

All macros and settings are stored locally on your machine in what is called technically HTML5 local storage. Nothing is stored in the cloud. This also means that once you uninstall the UI.Vision RPA extension, your test cases (macros) are gone. Please use the export and export all features to create backups of your important macros and test suites. By default, UI.Vision RPA prompts you every seven days to do a backup.

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For more information...

... continue with the UI.Vision RPA User Manual or browse the user forum.

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