storeValue (target, pattern) - Selenium IDE command

The storeValue command is used to move the value of an element into a variable for future use. Note that for website input boxes the text is the value, so storeValue is used to retrieve text from inside input boxes. In other words, use storeValue for web scraping information from input boxes, select boxes or textareas. Update V5.3.3: If the locator is not found, no error is trigged. Instead, the text #LNF is stored in the variable. "#LNF" stands for "Locator not found".

Important: For extracting the status from checkboxes and radiobuttons you must use storeChecked. For extracting text from "normal" HTML, use storeText.

PS: Do not confuse storeValue with storeEval, which sounds similar but is a very different command.

PPS: For more information about data extraction in general see Web Scraping with Selenium IDE.

storeValue Example

The macro extracts the hardware information from this textarea form field.

Collapsible Description

Command Target Pattern/Text
storeValue id=Readonlytask_Description mytext
echo Extracted Text = ${mytext}

Works in

UI.Vision RPA for Chrome Selenium IDE, UI.Vision RPA for Firefox Selenium IDE, Firefox IDE Classic

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