deleteAllVisibleCookies (current domain) - Selenium IDE command

deleteAllCookies clears all cookies stored by Chrome. Together with selectWindows TAB=CLOSEALLOTHER (which closes all open tabs) it is a useful command to “clean up” at the start of a test.

Another option: The UI.Vision RPA extension supports Google Chrome's incognito mode (stealth mode) - this allows you to start your regression and performance test from a fresh Chrome profile with a clear cache and no cookies. Incognito is even "stronger medicine" than deleteAllVisibleCookies since it also makes sure the browser cache empty. Just remember to check the "Allow in incognito" box for your UI.Vision RPA addon on the Chrome extension page.

A good test page is

An option to delete all cookies and the remove browsing history and clear the cache simulate the Clear Browsing Data shortcut.

deleteAllCookies Example

Command Target Pattern/Text

Works in

UI.Vision RPA for Chrome Selenium IDE, UI.Vision RPA for Firefox Selenium IDE, Firefox IDE Classic, but note that in the classic Firefox Selenium IDE this was called deleteAllVisibleCookies, but we prefer the shorter WebDriver terminology, which uses just deleteAllCookies.

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