With Kantu/X/ you are in good company.

Some user quotes:

Kantu/X/ for Web Testing

I'm very impressed - in a few hours I was able to fully replicate a web app test setup that had taken a week or so to build in Visual Studio Gui testing.
Christian Berndt, Deloitte, France - Kantu/X/ Enterprise Edition

We selected your automation testing framework for its focus on simplicity and easy maintenance. Your software is perfect for what we need.
Darren Myatt, Sony Europe, UK

Great application, I'm a freelance web developer and the games I create have to be played 1000's of times before I can submit them officially to test. I spent weeks looking for a suitable test app and have found yours to be fantastic.
Venkata, India

Kantu is a wonderful tool. With its ability to be controlled from VBScript, I have only to imagine a test case to automate and I know it can be done with Kantu. It allows me to create scripts that are robust and can easily recover from upset conditions.
John Meyer, UK

Kantu/X/ for Browser Automation, Robotic Process Automation

I have an ecommerce site, and my order processors deal with a lot of vendors sites to place orders. Kantu/X/ was a great help to automate my processes more.
Matt Meier, MOSupply, USA

We use Kantu/X/ to automate the process of extracting data files from our financial system and process the data for use by third party reporting software. This used to be a manual process which now takes place automatically over night. Data is now available at start of business day, whereas previously the manual process took up to two ours from start of business. Kantu made the automation of the procedure very easy and we are pleased with the functionality it provides.
Ian Brown, UK

I'm using the Kantu Pro tool as a replacement to [expensive RPA suite] for web automation that can be driven by software written in C#. This works great, at a fraction of the cost.
N. Frank, Vodafone, Germany

I have a set of 4 Cisco TCS Videoconference recorders. The setup needed for any single recording happens through 4 long web pages with entry boxes on the pages. I used to have a manual process to create new page sets from a save as of each page, and was able to automate this process with Kantu/X/.
I use the OCR data extraction to scrape any given set (full set) of input boxes on the existing four pages to build a set of typical select box entry's. With a saved modified set, I speed up the duplication and slight modification of any fresh set of 4 web page's. I use the TCS recorders for classes each term and one-off events.
Kevin M., MIT, USA

We have just recently implemented Kantu/X/ Pro and we are very impressed. Not only does this save us hours of data entry but it's very easy to use. The support and customer service we received was second to none.
Michel Durand, SmartPhoto, France

Kantu/X/ for Data Extraction

I run hundreds of macros against hundreds of websites each week. If it wasn't for Kantu and its command line I would have to sit around all day and download data.
Tim Schwartz, USA

Just a quick note to say thanks as we have now just about finished development of the application (macros) for which it was purchased. Overall a really excellent product, and fantastic support. It will undoubtedly save us a lot of time and money in the coming months, and no doubt we will find lots of new ways to make use of it.
Jon Ross, USA

Working with a9t9 and Kantu has allowed us to automate data retrieval from the many systems we work with, and streamline our back offices processes – they are excellent partners.
Keith Shimada, SMBC, Japan

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