Adobe Flash Testing with Kantu

Kantu's visual approach is ideally suited for automating and testing Flash and Silverlight applets. Your automated user interface testing benefits from the extensive Flash/Silverlight Test Automation support that Kantu offers. With Kantu, every team member can create and run Flash/Silverlight regression tests. The use of Kantu requires no knowledge of the internal workings of Flash/Silverlight, its objects or its UI elements. Kantu works on the visual appearance, just like a normal end-user does.

Screenshot of a computer-vision based test of a Flash game:

Flash Testing


How to set up Adobe Flash testing/automation

Kantu can tests Flash out of the box. It uses image and text recognition, for example with the XClick computer vision command. Kantu works directly inside Chrome and Firefox. If you want to test Flash in other browsers like Internet Explorer (IE) or Edge, Kantu can do this, too. In this you can use Kantu's Desktop Automation mode.

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