This page is used by the Demo-Store macro to demo the various store commands, including running Javascript.

Input box to display some results

Catch Javascript alerts

Run Javascript inside the macro

Today's date and time (and later Youtube URL):
Select Box (set by a Javascript command):

Get Checkbox status with storeChecked

↑ I have a bike ↑ I have a boat ↑ I have a car

Extract data from the raw HTML with sourceExtract

With sourceSearch you can search the source code and count items, and with sourceExtract you can extract data. Both commands support "*" and regular expressions. In the DemoExtract macro we will extract the prices, the parameters 11,22,33 and the Google Analytics ID of this page.

  • Coffee $2.95
  • Tea $1.95
  • Milk $2.50

Another Regex demo string: "_width: 11, _width: 22, _width: 33"

Test POSition attribute

All link names are the same, but with @pos=2 you can tell UI.Vision RPA to select e. g. the second line of the same name.

  • This link goes to main homepage
  • This link goes to web extension homepage
  • This link lists all Selenium IDE commands
  • This link explains how to take screenshot
  • This link goes to, where you will find a great real live example of many links with the same name.

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