Run embedded UI.Vision RPA macros

Embedded UI.Vision RPA macros are a great way to distribute macros to users, for example to help them with certain tasks on your website. This website contains three embedded macros. You can use your browser's "View page source" function to inspect this website - and you will see the embedded macros. The macro code is exactly the same as you can find on the source code tab.

To run these macros, you first have to allow it. (If you don't allow to run embedded macros, UI.Vision RPA will show a dialog with an error message).

^This macro fills out the input box ↓: ^This macro fills out a Google Docs Survey form.

^This is the same macro as the first one, but now it contains the closeRPA: 0 flag in the Javascript for this call, so UI.Vision RPA stays open after the macro run is completed. Also, the macro runs in a new tab because we use the selectWindow | TAB=OPEN | https://docs.... command to open page.

^This macro goes to and downloads the software. (7zip is not related to in any way).

^This macro goes runs the embedded version of the DemoVisualUITest demo macro (Visual UI testing with image recognition). The remote image feature requires UI.Vision RPA V5.5.3 and higher.

Allow embedded macros to run

In order to run macros that are embedded in a website you have to first allow it (step 1 in the screenshot below). The default setting is OFF (do not run embedded macros). Once you allow such macros in general, you will see a dialog box asking for permission to run such macros. If you want to avoid this warning dialog for certain websites (for example your own internal website), then you can add this website to the website whitelist (step 2 in the screenshot below):

Kantu URL Whitelist

"Steal" the Javascript snippets directly from this page

You can copy and reuse the Javascript that sends the UI.Vision RPA macro from the page to the RPA software. The code is directly on this page. In the browser, right-click and select "View page source" to view it.

Embedded macros javascript code
The only part that needs to be changed is the macro JSON code. You can also give each macro a different name. Macros with the same name get simply overwritten, so UI.Vision RPA runs always the latest version that is on the page.

For more information see How to create and run embedded macros.

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