ColorFish - Open-Source Color Picker for Chrome and Firefox and Desktop.

How to use Colorfish?

  • 1. Install the extension and click the Colorfish icon in your Chrome browser.
  • 2. Select the area with the color (image, video, html5, ajax - Copyfish works with any input)
  • 3. Done! Colorfish extracts the color from the image and logs it.

Desktop Color Picker: Install the UI Vision XModule. It adds the desktop screen capture feature to Copyfish.

Video: The free and Open-Source color picker explained in 60 seconds.

Work with local images and PDF

You can drag & drop local images or PDF on your browser window and use Colorfish on these, just like you would with images on a website. For this to work, you need to allow Colorfish to access file URLs in the Chrome or Edge extension settings. In the Firefox browser this setting does not exist (file access is always allowed)

Input language shortcuts

Do you need to pick colors often? Then use the shortcuts. You can define them on the settings page.

Working with PDF

Colorfish can also pick colors from PDF documents displayed in the browser. For this, use the desktop color picking mode.

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