Robotic Process Automation PPT

Robotic Process Automation PPT

Do you need Robotic Process Automation Powerpoint slides (PPT template) for your own RPA presentation or to explain the benefits of UI.Vision RPA to your management? Below are our demo RPA PPT slides! We use them to describe what Robotic Process Automation is, how it can help and that UI.Vision RPA software is the lean and open-source RPA software alternative. If you have any questions or want a personal demo, please contact us or meet us in the RPA software forum.

Robotic Process Automation PPT

The Powerpoint RPA PPT slides below are hosted in Google Slides:

Short link to the RPA slides:

RPA Software Market Overview

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Planned future reviews: Cognizant, Contextor (acquired by SAP), Kofax, Kryon Systems, NICE Systems, Pegasystems and WorkFusion.