Is iMacros no longer available?

Is iMacros no longer available?

In 2022, we told our readers on our automation blog that iMacros, once the most used web automation tool in the world, would soon stop being available. Now, in January 2024, we see that the company owning iMacros has not only stopped updating and supporting it (which we expected) but also completely removed it from the Chrome and Firefox web stores.

This means you can no longer download iMacros from the Chrome and Firefox stores.

Those who read our 2022 post about iMacros should be okay because we suggested downloading the latest versions of iMacros for Firefox XPI and the matching version of Firefox browser.

Trying to download it now is late, but not too late. So, how can you still get iMacros?

How to download iMacros?

The best version of iMacros was iMacros for Firefox V8.9.7. If you continue to use iMacros, get and keep this version. You can still find the “iMacros for Firefox V8.9.7 XPI” installer on some not-so-trustworthy sites and GitHub repositories. As always, be careful with downloads from unknown sources. When we checked for this blog post, we did not find any malicious iMacros XPI files. But better be safe than sorry. So for your safety, here is the information to check for:

  • The original “imacros_for_firefox-8.9.7-fx.xpi” file size is 356,330 bytes.

  • The MD5 checksum (a kind of digital fingerprint) of this iMacros installer is 10722343b9e0b98fc753cd2aeb0e23f5. We highly suggest checking this checksum (<- not our tool, just a link) before installing the file. If the checksum matches, it means the file is okay:

Best iMacros alternative?

The best thing to do is to switch to a good, open-source alternative to iMacros. Look at our list of alternatives to iMacros from 2022, which is still up-to-date.