Kantu V2 released, includes Visual Web Scraping

Kantu V2 released, includes Visual Web Scraping

Kantu V2 is available. What’s new:

  • Web Scraping Support
  • PDF automation, testing - and scraping
  • New macro command: EXTRACT
  • Scripting API: New command: GetExtractImageData()
  • Now based on Google Chromium V55
  • New demo macros and scripts included.
  • Support for HiDPI systems like Surface Book. You can move your picture-driven macros between all kind of systems - they will not break.
  • Many smaller improvements and tweaks

Download link: https://ui.vision/

After you installed the new version, make sure you run the included demo macros.

Web Scraping with Kantu
Kantu can extract data from websites, images and even PDFs.

Kantu V2 includes PDF support:

PDF Scraping with Kantu
Example of Kantu scraping the address and invoice number from a PDF.

Kantu comes in different editions:

  • Kantu Community Edition. This version 100% free for private and commercial use and contains all browser features.
  • Kantu PRO Edition (US$ 299.00). This version has all the features of the free version, plus the powerful scriping API.
  • Kantu PRO Plus Edition (US$499.00). This version allows you to redistribute your solutions without any runtime fees.

Tip: If you purchase Kantu PRO Edition until April 30 your purchase includes 2 years of free upgrades and tech support.

Upgrade tips:

  • With version 2 we changed the file extension from *.xkts to *.kmacro. As this is just a name change, you can adapt all your old macros to the new version by simply renaming the extension.

  • All version 1 macros run in version 2 - no changes required.

  • If you already purchased the Kantu PRO Edition, this is a free upgrade. You can re-download your full version inside the customer portal.

As always, please contact us if you have any question or suggestion. Or you can leave a comment below.