Kantu Selenium IDE for Chrome

Kantu Selenium IDE for Chrome

Today we launch a new open-source project: Kantu for Chrome - this extension is Web Browser Automation plus Selenium IDE Light.

Record and replay web macros with this free and open-source Chrome extension for web browser automation. The extension is an easy to use web macro recorder for web developers, web testers and especially for general web automation and form filling.

Firefox Selenium IDE users, please note: While Kantu for Chrome supports the most commonly used “Selenese” commands of the Firefox Selenium IDE, it is a [Selenium IDE Light. It is not intended as full replacement or port of the Firefox Selenium IDE. Its main focus is ease of use, good recording and reliable playback for all kinds of browser automation projects. It is also an open-source alternative to iMacros. So we start small, and plan to add more commands step by step as needed. Please let us know which ones you need.

Source code (GPL) available at https://github.com/A9T9/Kantu-for-Chrome

Homepage/Docs: https://ui.vision/web-automation/chrome