Getting started with Copyfish

Thank you for installing the free and open-source Copyfish browser addon - available for Chrome and Firefox.
This page appears only once after the installation to give you some hints on how to best use Copyfish.

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For more information we have the Copyfish help page or watch the short screencast below:

Copyfish Free, PRO and PRO+

In addition to the well-known 100% free OCR plan, Copyfish offers now the option to use 100-times more OCR processing power for even faster and better text recognition. And for translation, we integrated Google Translate, the best translation service available. The PRO and PRO+ plans are available as monthly subscription.

All paid plans include a 100% money-back guarantee. If you cancel within the first seven days your payment will be automatically refunded.

Copyfish Plans: Free Plan PRO Edition PRO+ Edition
Price Active with installation,
no sign-up required
US$ 19.95/month,
free 7-day trial
US$ 29.95/month,
free 7-day trial
Standard OCR - Best Free OCR available Yes Yes Yes
Automatic OCR language detection - Yes Yes
PRO Vision OCR
(best OCR, supports even hand writing, compare with free OCR)
- Yes Yes
Google Translate
(very good translation service)
- - Yes
Support Forum Forum, Email Forum, Priority Email
Get Copyfish: Download Copyfish Subscribe now Subscribe now

If you have any question on what is the right plan for you, please contact us. We offer discounts for students, universities and non-profit organizations, just ask us.

What's new

The latest version adds:

  • Hotkeys for opening and closing Copyfish, and for copying the OCR'ed text
  • OCR'ed text now editable, and you can restart the translation
  • Copied text includes translation (if translation is active)
  • Selection works now with browser zoom
  • ...and last but not least: Copyfish for Firefox
Thanks to everyone who suggested these features. Please keep the good ideas coming :)

Tech support

Email or use the contact form. We love to hear from you. And even though this is a free Chrome extension, we read all emails and typically respond on the same day.

If you like the extension, please rate it in the Chrome or Firefox galleries :-) And if you don’t like it, please email us your feedback so we can improve it further. We can only fix bugs and issues reported to us.

For developers

Copyfish 🐟 is published under the GPL open-source license, you can find its source code on GitHub. As OCR software, it uses our free OCR API and Online OCR service.

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